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High efficiency fertilizer disc pelletizer for lab use

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High quality granulating disc for fertilizer is available in Shunxin Heavy Industry Machinery, waiting for you to choose. We have the best rotating disc nodulizers of different sizes to meet all your needs. You can use them for zinc sulphate or chicken manure, there is also the right models you can use as mini disk granulator for lab

Disc Pelletizer

Disc pelletizer is the ideal granulating machine for manufacturing organic fertiliser and complex fertilizers. You can use it to granulate powdery raw materials into pellets. It plays an important role in the fertilizer production line, whether the organic fertiliser production line or NPK compound fertilizer

Disc pelletizer for sale Professional disc fertilizer

Disc pelletizer is a kind of high-efficiency fertilizer making granulator. These disc pelletizers of Shunxin Heavy Industry can help you to produce quality pellet fertilizer. By the way, they can make organic pellet fertilizer and compound pellet fertilizer. In

Disc Granulator for Manure Granules Making Projects Cost

6.1 Shunxin disc laboratory pelletizer for customers’ laboratory applications 6.2 Chicken manure disc granulator for 6 ton per hour organic fertilizer processing business. 6.3 Cow dung fertilizer pan pelletizer for small scale cattle farm waste recycling

High Quality Disc Pelletizer Machine To Making Organic

The pan of disc fertilizer granulator adopts the integral circular arc structure, and the granulation rate can reach more than 93 %. The granulation plate has three feeding holes, which is convenient for the production of intermittent production, greatly reducing the labor intensity and improving the labor efficiency.

Pan pelletizer Mini pan pelletizer for laboratory

Construction of pan pelletizer. Disc pelletizer consists of granulating disc, driving device, device for angle adjustment, rack, liquid sprayer, scraper and so on. Moreover, there are three discharge holes, which is convenient for intermittent production, and will reduce labour intensity and improve working efficiency.


Pan granulator can provide you high efficiency with low cost. Meanwhile, it is multi-functional for making different fertilizers. It is mainly used for granulating powder fertilizer into pellets. What’s more, it has high granulation rate as high as 95%.

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Disc fertilizer pelletizer overview: Disc fertilizer pelletizer is a key machine in fertilizer production process. ,Ltd is one of Chinese professional fertilizer equipments manufacturers for more than twenty years. 2. Exclusive and unique solution can be offered to our customers by our well-trained and professional engineers.


The disk adopts the design of power scraper and powerless scraper. The scrapers can clean the disk with high efficiency. This design also contributes to the good shape and size of granule. Moreover, this design decreases the labor force on cleaning. The disk of this fertilizer pan granulator is composed by disk body and disk section.

Pan Granulator Over 95% Granulation Rate

Pan granulator is a high-efficiency wet granulator. And the organic compost moisture content is about 30%, so the most suitable granulation method of organic compost is wet granulation. Moreover, not only can you use the disc granulator to make organic fertilizer pellets, you can also use it to make more profitable bio-organic fertilizer granules.

Pelletizing Offers Premium Alternative for Potash and

Pelletizing Potassium & Ammonium Salts With a Disc Pelletizer. While the pugmill mixer and drum granulator are widely used to carry out wet granulation in the fertilizer industry and certainly offer an effective processing solution, producers are turning to the disc pelletizer in particular for a few reasons: Low Recycle = High Efficiency. One

Disk Granulator For Fertilizer Production Line

disc granulator disc pelletizer design disc pelletizer. With other fertilizer making machines, you can use the disc fertilizer compost granulator to form a fertilizer production line with high efficiency. These machines are compost production machine, crush machine, fertiliser mixer, etc. You can adjust the scale of the production line . Inquiry

Pan granulator for sale Money

High efficiency: Pan granulators are high-efficiency pellet machine. You can use the granulators to make quality pellet fertilizer that is popular in the fertilizer market. High profit: The raw materials of pan granulator is inexpensive and easy to get while the there is a huge demand of pellet fertilizer in the market, so you can get a rapid

Bentonite pellet production line Machines for making

High-efficiency granulators for bentonite pellet production lines The granulating facility is the core machine of a bentonite pellet production line. Nowadays, there are two kinds of hot-sale bentonite granulators in the market: bentonite disc granulators and bentonite compactor granulators.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line Manure Processing

Hot sale organic fertilizer disc granulator at low cost. The disc organic fertilizer granulator has good reputation among our customers. There are many specifications for you to choose. Its smallest size can be used for lab use. Meanwhile, you can also apply it for your 1 ton to 8 ton per hour fertilizer

How to use a pan granulator for pelletizing? Basil

· Its main use is to granulate/ crush powder fertilizer into fine pellets. The granulation rate of this piece of equipment is as high as 95%. In fact, its granulation rate is higher as compared to almost every fertilizer granulation machine such as new organic fertilizer pellet mill, double roller extrusion granulator machine, and rotary granulator.

Cow Manure Pellet Machine Disc & Organic & Two

Cow manure fertilizer pellet machine is a kind of granulator which can efficiently turn cow dung into high quality fertilizer granules. Like other livestock manure, cow manure is a kind of high efficiency fertilizer to the growth of plant.

Chicken Manure Pellet Machine

How does Shunxin company design the chicken manure pellet machine to meet your needs? Shunxin heavy industry machinery, the top brand of fertilizer making equipment, has spent most time and resources to develop high quality machines for more than thirty years.We have researched and manufactured a whole set of chicken manure pellet equipment. They can perfectly process the

MG82 Manual Surface grinding machine/Precision Surface

MG82 Manual Surface grinding machine/Precision Surface Grinder machine - Daming Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. Wholesale Spray Dryer For Detergent Powder Factory - engineeredassemblies: This is a real 1975 Volkswagon VW bus, set up as a fun and funky mobile cafe. Bus has been totally restored and is in excellent condition inside and out. It has 56,000 miles on its engine. No limit on

Composting pig manure

If you want to get more efficiency pig manure, you need to do is add some microbial agent in powdery pig fertilizer. For getting well-mixed manure fertilizer, you had better use a pig manure fertilizer mixing machine. SEEC organic fertilizer disc mixer can help you get well-mixer pig manure fertilizer

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The production of organic fertilizer or bio fertilizer granulating machine can use fertilizer manufacturing technology, and a complete fertilizer production line is designed to produce pelletizer, and different types of fertilizer machines are equipped in the process of fertilizer manufacturing Pan Granulation Fertilizer Production Line. The so-called bio organic fertilizer production line