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High Profits organic fertilizer pellet disc granulator

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Cow Manure Pellet Machine Disc & Organic & Two

As an experienced fertilizer machine manufacturer, we can provide you high quality machines, help you make more profits from producing organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. Furthermore, no matter you have just begun your cow manure granulation project or you just want to buy a particular granulator

Durable Disc Fertilizer Granulator with High Granulation Rate

Introduction to Disc Fertilizer Granulating Machine. Disc fertilizer pelletizer is an important part of organic fertilizer production. Disc granulator is widely used for producing round granules of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, which are convenient for transportation and storage. Having the features of uniform granules, high granulation rate, smooth running, and long service life, pan granulator is an ideal pellet machine for your fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer Granulator how to make organic

new type organic fertilizer granulator. Model: SXJZ-600; Installation Angle: 2°-2.5° Capacity: 1-1.5t/h; Total Power: 37kw; Dimension: 4100*1600*1150mm; Application: making organic pellet fertilizers; Get A Free Quote

Disc Granulator for Manure Granules Making Projects Cost

Disc granulator can process your organic fertilizer powder into granular. Manure disc granulator is widely used for manufacturing organic manure granules. It employs wet granulation technology for processing powders. The moisture content can be about

Disc pelletizer process disc granulator manufacturer

Disc pelletizer is the ideal granulating machine for manufacturing organic fertiliser and complex fertilizers. You can use it to granulate powdery raw materials into pellets. It plays an important role in the fertilizer production line, whether the organic fertiliser production line or NPK compound fertilizer

Organic fertilizer granulator fertilizer pellet machine

You can manufacture organic fertilizer with chicken manure by disc granulator machines. It is an ideal granulator for the customers who want to manufacture organic fertilizers. What’s more, you can control the pellets diameters by adjusting its disk tilt

Fertilizer Granulator Wet & Dry Granulation Drum

The working part of disk granulator is a pelleting pan. When granulating, the disk rotating at an adjustable speed, materials rolling and balling in it. When the pellet size reaches predetermined value, granulated fertilizer pouring out from the disk. Granulating rate of this granulator is higher

Organic Fertilizer Granulator Granulation Tech

What do you need for forming a 100000 to 300000 t/ y organic fertilizer granulator production line? If you want to from an organic fertilizer granulator production line, there are many equipment for you to configurate for your commercial purpose. These machines can help you make high-quality fertilizer pellets

Disc pelletizer process disc granulator manufacturer

This disc fertilizer granulator machine can save about 30% cost than other fertilizer machine. Moreover, it not only can manufacture organic fertilizer, but also compound fertiliser. You can use one machine to get various fertilizer with different raw materials. You can get uniform pellets by using a disk granulator.

Disc Granulator for Manure Granules Making Projects Cost

Contents. 1 What is disc pan granulator? What is it used for? 2 How does the pan granulator work to make granular manure?; 3 What disc pelletizer designs do we use in the pan granulation process?; 4 What components and parts are included in a high-performance disk pelletizer?; 5 What materials can you use for pelleting with the disc pan?. 5.1 Organic manure.; 5.2 Compound fertilizer

disc granulator disc pelletizer design disc pelletizer

Disc granulator is a big pan-shaped machine set on top of a sturdy base plate. You can use it to make round granules out of various materials. With other fertilizer making machines, you can use the disc fertilizer compost granulator to form a fertilizer production line with high

Organic fertilizer granulation machine Organic waste

5 ton per hour pan granulator organic fertilizer production line. Get A Free Quote. New type organic fertilizer granulator. This kind of granulator is our patented product. It granulates powdery organic waste by the inner rotary shaft and steam. Different with disc granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator

Cow Manure Fertilizer Pellet Machine Organic Fertilizer

Cow manure fertilizer pellet machine is a kind of equipment that is to process cow dung into pellet fertilizer. Shunxin has developed three kinds of granulating machine for making cow manure granule fertilizer, such as: the new type organic cow dung fertilizer granulator, the rotary drum churning cow dung granulator and the disk cow manure granulator.

Solutions to Common Problems in Disc Granulator Usage

4. It is difficult to shape. In the process of molding of the spherical particle, besides the subjective factor of the raw materials ingredients, the fineness of the raw materials, the moisture content of the raw materials, the adding of auxiliary adhesive composition, the angle of the disc operation, the speed of the disk

Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulator, Disc Pan Granulation

Introduction of Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulator. With arc structure and sturdy materials, disc granulator, also called disc pan granulator or pan granulator, makes the granulation rate up to 93% or more. The manure fertilizer pellet machine aims at providing you high-quality organic fertilizer pellets, chicken/pig/cow manure pellets

Organic Fertilizer Plant Cost Layout Fertilizer

This is the easiest way to get high profits from organic fertilizer making plant with low cost. And as you can see in the parameter table, we equipped a 3t/h pan granulator. It means if you want to make organic fertilizer pellets, you can choose this kind of granulating machine to make the composting fertilizer

Turn Manure into Pellets

For example, if you want to buy a small scale manure compost fertilizer granulator economically, you can choose our disk pan organic manure granulation machine. Except for the composting and granulating machine for earthmanure granules making, our manure composting powder pulverizing equipment, drying and cooling machine, etc. are high

Compost pellet machine for sale Choose the suitable

Because the fertilizer pellets are produced by a complete production line, the qualified powder will enter the granulation process automatically. If you use new type organic fertilizer granulator, the fertilizer powder will become pellet fertilizer with the high

Manure Pellet Machine how to make organic manure

Its smallest disc manure fertilizer granulator can be used for lab. It not only takes less space, but also economically. This machine is suitable for your small scale organic manure fertilizer production plant. If you want to buy a small organic manure fertilizer pellet

Organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment has good

The organic fertilizer manufacturing machine include: compost turner, crusher, screening machine, granulator, drum dryer, packaging machine, etc. if it is necessary to process duck manure powder fertilizer, fertilizer granulator and dryer can be removed. In the whole set of equipment and technology, we must pay attention to the use of compost Tipper and select suitable fermentation equipment

Poultry Manure Pellet Machine

How does a Shunxin poultry manure pellet machine work? Shunxin poultry litter pellet making machines are energy-saving and durable. The granulator machines for poultry manure are new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator, rotary gear drum granulator and disc pan granulator.These pelletizers have their respective advantages, but share the basic working principles.