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Flat die press granulator for organic fertilizer cylinder granules

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Main Feature of Flat-die Press Granulator. The product granule is cylindrical. After fermentation organics don't need to dry, the moisture of the raw material can be in 20%-40%. The organic content can be high to 100%, make pure organic granulate. Using organic matter to granulate under a certain force, it no needs to add binder when granulating. It can sieve directly after granulation, no need to


The organic content can be as high as 100%, to achieve pure organic granulation. The granulation does not need add binder, use of organic particles can grow up each other features in a certain force. The granule is stable, can be screened after granulation, reduce the drying energy consumption. The raw materials can be with 20-40% moisture.

Flat Die Granulator

Flat die press granulator. With the help of flat die granulating machine, you can get organic fertilizer pellets easily. Rotary screening machine. The rotary screening machine can not only help you screen the big lump materials or stones, but also can help you get good fertilizer granules


Flat die Granulator is used for granulating organic materials after the fermentation process. It is our new design organic fertilizer processing equipment, will be the best choice for organic fertilizer granule production.

Flat Die Pelletizer flat die

The flat die pelletizer is a kind of extrusion machine, and it mainly depends on physical pressing strength to do the works. The common usage of the flat die extrusion granulator is to produce organic fertilizer pellets. But you can also apply it in the livestock feed production, or

Flat Die Granulator, Organic Fertilizer Granulator Machine

Multifunctional flat die pelleting machine is a common equipment in the production of organic fertilizer, which can produce cylindrical organic fertilizer particles and feed particles. The flat die pelleting machine takes crop straw and excrement as raw materials and compresses the materials into granules by the pressure of the machine.

Chicken Manure Flat Die Granulator

Introduction of Flat Die Granulator. Chicken Manure Flat Die Granulator is mainly used for granule processing in the (biological) organic fertilizer, fish breeding and poultry raising. And the particles shape of organic fertilizer is cylindrical. Bio-organic Fertilizer Flat Die Granulator can produce cylindrical granules directly without drying or crushing process which saves a lot of energy.

Fertilizer Granulator Wet & Dry Granulation Drum

Making fertilizer granules by this way can save the drying step of the whole fertilizer production line. The process will be more efficient. But you need to focus on the moisture avoid over drying in granulation process. Machines used for dry granulation are double roller extrusion granulator and flat die granulator. As mentioned above, they make granules by extruding.

Organic Fertilizer Granulator machine/Flat die pellet

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Ring Die Organic Fertilizer Granulator

· I am Yanwen Wang , from organic fertilizer granules making machine factory from China , and our granulator is ring die and rollers system ,the ring die granulator can make the following organic materials as following : The series of granule machines can make the following raw materials into granules : 1.


Organic Fertilizer Production Line Flat-die Press Fertilizer Granulator. crushing and granulating the raw materials before pelletizing, and processing the spherical granules with direct ingredients, thus saving a large amount of energy. Main Technical Parameters.

Organic Fertilizer Flat Die Granulator hot sale

Flat Die Granulator Capacity: 1.5-5 tons per hour. Flat Die Granulator Raw Materials: animal manure, agricultural wastes, food wastes. Flat Die Granulator Applicated range: organic fertilizer production and animal feed production. Flat Die Granulator Advantage: low energy, one time processing, high granulating ratio, no drying, easy store

Flat die organic fertilizer granulation production line

Bio-organic fertilizer produced by flat-die organic fertilizer granulation production line can improve nutrient supply capacity. Flat die granulator has better granulation effect on organic fertilizer raw materials with low cohesion, more cellulose and poor forming conditions. It does not need drying and crushing raw materials before granulation, and it can directly press cylindrical particles.

2019 New design organic fertilizer flat film granulator

In order to meet the increasing demand for fertilizer flat-film granulator, our factory developed a multi-functional flat-film granulator which can produce pellet feed, biological fertilizer and cylindrical granules.The new flat-film granulator designed in 2019 can also connect polishing equipment to make cylindrical granules roll into spheres at one time, without returning granules, and has a

Organic Fertilizer and Compound Fertilizer Granulator

Introduction of Organic Fertilizer and Compound Fertilizer Granulator: This series of granulation machine is in the original development and production of organic fertilizer machine based on the new research and development of a multi-purpose wet granulation equipment.

Powder Granulator Machine

Powder granulator machine refers to the equipment which can make powdery fertilizer into granules. Fertilizer granules have many benefits than powder forms, such as more steady fertility, much easier to store and transport. To turn podwery fertilizer into granules easily, you can choose a fertilizer granulating machine.


1-10,0000 tons/year organic fertilizer flat die granulator production line is used in the organic fertilizer production for granulation of various organic substances after fermentation, which capacity is 1-10 tons/h,breaking the conventional organic fertilizer making process, without drying, crushing and granulating the raw materials before pelletizing, and processing the spherical granules

Fertilizer Granulator Machinefertilizer granules making

The organic fertilizer round polishing machine designed on the basis of flat die extrusion granulator machine. Polish the cylindrical pellets made by flat die extrusion granulator machine to ball shape granules one time; No need polish again

China Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment for Ball

1.Feature of flat die press (extrusion/extruder) gradulation The flat die press orgainc fertilizer granulation production is for fertilizer and forage industry, granulator diameter is choose from 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm.

How does the ring die granulator machine make uniform

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· Organic fertilizer granulator machine is a new type granules machine with a ring die system and polishers, which can make the organic materials (30-35% moisture ) into uniform ball shape granules

Fertilizer Granulator Series

Fertilizer granulator is the equipment to make organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer into particles, including double roller press pelletizer, organic fertilizer granulator, flat die pellet mill, disc granulation machine, rotary drum granulator, etc.

Find Advanced, Efficient and Durable flat die granulator

flat die granulator can process raw materials such as sawdust, rice, straws, husk and others to transform into mini-sized, biomass pellets for varied uses. These flat die granulator are equipped with modernized technologies such as high-strength bearing system, oil lubricating system, advanced and new kick-out system to perform more efficiently

factory price machine for making organic fertilizer granules

Our company produce many different models of fertilizer making machine,two kinds of finished,one is ball shape,the other is cylinder shape, We produce fertilizer pellet making line machines, such as fertilizer ferment upender, fertilizer hammer mill, fertilizer pellet machine and disc granules making machine, dryer and cooler, screener, mixer , pellet packing machine and all conveyors e. c. t.

Organic Fertilizer And NPK Compound Fertilizer Granulator

New Type Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator is used for granulation of various organic compounds after fermentation, raw materials after crushing direct can be processing a spherical particles, can save a lot of energy. The fertilizer pellet is spherical, organic content can be as high as 100%.