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Double-shafts shredder: Model B-70/100S. Main features: Cutting chamber: 1050X750 mm installed horsepower: 18,5 KW + 18,5 KW drive: gears through oil bath reduction gear n.. More. Double-shafts shredder: Model B-70/120S.

Single Shaft & Drum Rotor Shredders Komar Industries, Inc.

Step 1 Primary Reduction: Occurs at the EMD-80W dual Auger-Pak™, with a compression end gate. Step 2 Metal Liberation: A dual shaft shredder then liberates the metal bolts and brackets. A magnet pulls the liberated metal out.


3490 US 23 North, Alpena, MI 49707 Phone 800-634-8981 Fax 989-358-6122 Email [email protected] ameri-shred. DUAL SHAFT SHREDDERS. DS-21010 & DS-21015. Let us provide you with a TURNKEY SOLUTION. Our team of experienced salespeople and system engineers take a special interest in what you need to shred.

SSI Shredding Design Benefits, Industrial Shredder

SSI's unique screen design not only efficiently controls particle size but also aids in the shredding action. Our shredder screens are concentrically aligned with the rotating cutter shafts, so as the cutters interact with the screen face, they are able to tear and pull cut material apart.

Design and Fabrication of Organic Portable Shredder Machine

Speed of roller shaft Length of chain 𝛼. machine. Figure 2: Flow chart for a Portable Organic Shredder . Analysis of the machine requires brief survey in agriculture, improvements in existing machines, possible outcomes, their applications. Later design calculation started by designing on a shaft and motor rated torque to have a power


An industrial shredder, designed to shred materials such as plastic, wood, rubber, paper, metals and the like, comprising two counter-rotating shafts (1) parallel to each other, whereon disc-shaped blades (2) having on their profile one or more teeth (3), intercalated with spacers (4) with a thickness equal to that of the blades and a diameter smaller than that of the blades, are keyed so that the spacers (4) of one shaft are opposed to the blades (2) of the other shaft, said shafts

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The two shafts of sharp steel cutter teeth are rotated at different speeds creating a scissor-like cutting motion and focuses on slicing waste into small particles, this ensures that the waste is consistently chopped-up to appropriate sizes. The waste is dropped into the cutters and within seconds, the waste is processed and destroyed.


A root and stalk shredder having a frame, a pair of longitudinally extending, parallel, power driven lifting rollers rotatably mounted on the frame and extending longitudinally parallel to a path of travel of the shredder, guide means mounted on the frame forward of the rollers in the direction of movement of the shredder for guiding stalks between the rollers, a blade assembly mounted on the

Copper Recovery Co. Chooses WEG as their Single Source

The dosing silo buffers the output of material between the shredder and the final cutting mill. First the scrap wire goes into the machine and the shredder cuts that to 1-inch pieces; however, the copper pieces are still wrapped in plastic sheathing, so the 1-inch pieces go through a second machine, a cutting mill, which then cuts the pieces

CH570 Cane Harvester John Deere SSA

Shredder topper. An optional shredder topper is also available for growers interested in residue management. Shredder toppers leave smaller residue particles that dry faster, decompose quicker, and mix into the soil easier when cultivating. These particles will not tangle into other implements like whole-leaf residue often does.


A method is provided for processing a mixture raw automobile shredder residue, and virgin and/or contaminated synthetic plastic material, e.g., raw post consumer plastic waste. By means of this method, automobile shredder residue produced by a conventional automobile shredder is formed into a first stream by being ground in a first granulating zone to a reasonable small granular size using

Design and Fabrication of Organic Portable Shredder

Figure 1: working model of Organic shredder machine. Firstly the inputs are fed into the machine chamber through the hopper provided at the top of the machine (inclined feeding). Then it comes in contact with two members, namely one is sucker roller shaft and to the cutter blade shaft. The cutting blades are mounted on the cutter guides.


The roller would be of coarse grain cast iron .The cast iron shell would be hot shrunk on forged steel shaft .All the shafts would have square ends of square. The bottom roller would be provided with the juice rings and removable guards to prevent entry of juice into the bearings.

Used Cutters/Shredders, Used Shredders

Used twin-shaft shredder manufactured by Pavel Jelinek-STROJE, Czech Republic, model D11. Feeding inlet measures 1150 mm X 800 mm. Each shaft approx. diameter 400 mm is driven via Nord gearbox by el. motor 30kW/400V/3ph/50Hz, total input of the machine 60.

Sugar Mill

Leveler, Cutter, Shredder They are sugar cane pretreatment equipment. The sugar cane is leveled, cut and its fiber of cane is shredded into short pieces and fine chips, and cells of the sugar cane are broken to benefit the extraction of the juice from it. The equipment consists of a drum, a main shaft

Pulverising Technology

It is available with chains. The crusher shreds for example waste wood, roots and railroad sleepers small. Metal Recycling, Recycling Plants for Wood, Pallet Recycling, Metal Recycling Machines, Milling-Pulveriser, Single Shaft Shredder, Pre-Breaking Plant, Wood Chippers, Double Roll Crushers, Scrap Recycling, Scrap Shredder, Metal Shredder

Industrial Castings & Forgings

Magnum forged shafts are conveniently:-Finished machine to exact dimensions specified by the end users.-Rough machined with allowances of 3mm per side of the finished dimensions, saving our customers machining time while providing a stronger shaft. Order Magnum forged shafts and save up 30% in just machining labor.

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Our Stories. New X Series manure spreaders and 9016-HD high dump cart offer hard-working features and benefits. Art’s Way Announces New High Dump: 9016-HD

High efficiency of comprehensive utilization of straw: new

The rise of biomass energy is one of the effective ways to solve rural energy in China. Biomass energy replaces coal-fired energy, reducing greenhouse effect is the most practical and the most easily promoted renewable energy, and has great potential for development and utilization. The development and utilization of fuel compression molding such as straw is also a technological innovation in

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CinchSeal Why Sugar Manufacturers Need Rotary Shaft Seals 5 Reasons Why Sugar Manufacturers Need Rotary Shaft Seals. Processing sugar involves dealing with several challenging conditions. If one part of the system isn 't set up as well as it could be, these challenges quickly become problems. A Florida sugar manufacturer found that several of its problems completely disappeared with one simple

Sugar Cane Harvesting CH570 Sugar Cane Harvester John

CH570 Sugar Cane Harvester will provide better returns for your operation by increasing the total tonnage and quality of cane delivered from your field during the whole crop life cycle at a reduced cost.


It also works well in parts of the world where flowering sugar cane is prevalent. Optional 2.4-m (7.9-ft) or standard 1.8-m (5.9-ft) versions of the whole topper are available for improved gathering and cleaning. Optional shredder topper