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High efficiency of disc granulating machine to make granule

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Durable Disc Fertilizer Granulator with High Granulation Rate

Introduction to Disc Fertilizer Granulating Machine. Disc fertilizer pelletizer is an important part of organic fertilizer production. Disc granulator is widely used for producing round granules of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, which are convenient for transportation and storage. Having the features of uniform granules, high granulation rate, smooth running, and long service life, pan granulator is an ideal pellet machine for your fertilizer

Disc Granulator for Manure Granules Making Projects Cost

For cow dung fertilizer granules making, SXYZ-2500 can make 2 ton cow dung fertilizer granules per hour. It can process your cow dung material, whose moisture content is about 25%-30%. And its granulation rate reaches 93%. It is a high performance disk cow dung fertilizer pelletizer. After the pan granulating,

Disc pelletizer process disc granulator manufacturer

This disk pelletizer improves the production efficiency of your plant. The disc granulating machine has 3 outlets which can work continuously. The ceaseless work of 3 outlets improves the average production capacity. By using this granulator equipment, you can get high economic efficiency

High Efficient Disc Granulator Fertilizer Processing Line

· High Efficient Disc Granulator Fertilizer Processing Line / Pan Granulator Automatic Disc/ Pan granulator for Fertilizer . Introduction of Disk granulator/Pan Granulator . This machine is suitable for the material that have 10-30% nutrient. And have many characteristic such as: high rate, round grain, easy to operate and maintain. Stable moving

Fertilizer Granulator Wet & Dry Granulation Drum

When granulating, the disk rotating at an adjustable speed, materials rolling and balling in it. When the pellet size reaches predetermined value, granulated fertilizer pouring out from the disk. Granulating rate of this granulator is higher than 93%. For different scale granulating needs, large,medium or small, we design 12 models.

Pan Granulator Over 95% Granulation Rate Glass

Pan granulator is a high-efficiency wet granulator. And the organic compost moisture content is about 30%, so the most suitable granulation method of organic compost is wet granulation. Moreover, not only can you use the disc granulator to make organic fertilizer pellets, you can also use it to make more profitable bio-organic fertilizer granules.

Ql Series High Efficient Granule Spheronizer Machine for

Damp granule prepared in the previous process (mixing the powder material with the binder to make a suitable soft material, and then it use the granulator to make the soft material into damp granule) , Feed damp granule into rotating centrifugal disk, start fan then start rotating centrifugal disk. It can make the damp granule in float and circle by the air from gap, rotating centrifugal strength and itself gravity,

Disc Granulator for Manure Granules Making Projects Cost

The bagging machine employs advanced PLC technology. It promises high accuracy and efficiency for fertilizer packing. Simple cow dung manure disc granulation machines. Get A Free Quote. Where can you use the disc pelletizer? (Recommended application fields or industries of the pan granulating machine) The disc

disc granulator disc pelletizer design disc pelletizer

What is a disc granulator? Disc granulator is a big pan-shaped machine set on top of a sturdy base plate. You can use it to make round granules out of various materials. With other fertilizer making machines, you can use the disc fertilizer compost granulator to form a fertilizer production line with high efficiency. These machines are compost production machine, crush machine

Fast delivery High Efficiency Drum Screen

Fast delivery High Efficiency Drum Screen - Disc Fertilizer Granulator Exceed. Short Description: Disc fertilizer granulator emerges with the development of fertilizer production.It is appropriate for granulating round fertilizer particles for compound or

Popular Design for Plastic Granules Making

6. New dregging design and good granulating effects. Uniform granulators and most of the particles’ diameter is 3-5mm. 7. High working efficiency. It finishes disc granules at one stroke. 8. Simple operation, convenient maintenance and stable performance. Range of Application : Disc fertilizer granulator is the main equipment to make the

High Efficiency Disc Pellets Making Machinery Disk

High Efficiency Disc Pellets Making Machinery Disk Pelletizer Of Organic Fertilizer Equipment , Find Complete Details about High Efficiency Disc Pellets Making Machinery Disk Pelletizer Of Organic Fertilizer Equipment,Disc Pellets Making Machinery,Disc Pellets Making Machinery,Disc Pellets Making Machiner from Granulators Supplier or Manufacturer-Zhengzhou Mona Machinery Co., Ltd.

Powder granulator machine Powder to granules process

Because of the powder nature, granulating will be a good choice. For turning powders into granules, a powder granulator machine will make it easier. Shunxin has different types of machines for granulating powders to pellets. Generally speaking, it can be divided into 3 types according to the granulation methods.

Fertilizer Granulator Machine Organic Fertilizer

chicken manure fertilizer making machine. Get A Free Quote . Easy-Operation Pan Granulator (Disc Granulator) Pan granulator is an easy-operation fertilizer granulator machine to make fertilizer granules. The granulating rate of this type granulator can reach more than 93%.

Pan Granulator organic and compound pan pelletizer

High efficiency. The pan fertilizer granulating machine has three discharging ports, which is convenient for discontinuous production. That is to say it greatly reduce the labor intensity and improving the labor efficiency. Furthermore, the granulating rate can reach more than 93%, which also increase the production efficiency. Never deformed

compound fertilizer disc pelletizer

disc pelletizer for sale disc pelletizer machine . disc pelletizer Main Structure disc pelletizer machine is used for granulating round fertilizer particles for compound or organic fertilizer It consists of reduction gears motor large disc large gear drive part rack etc To learn the parts of it can help you have a better understanding of disc granulating machine Spraying Device disc pelletizer

Jaw Crusher Norway Compound Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Granulating Production Line 2128T/H Capacity 2020 Top . Fertilizer disc granulating machine is usually applied to make spheroidal particles of compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer The granulating rate can highly up to 93% With the features of highly efficient, wide

Pan Granulator Over 95% Granulation Rate Glass

One is organic fertilizer disc granulator. If you want to use organic waste (such as livestock manure, biogas residue, sugar factory filter mud, straw and other organic waste) to make granular organic fertilizer, our organic fertilizer disc granulator will be your ideal granulation equipment Pan granulator is a high-efficiency wet granulator.

pan granulator

2 Various raw materials you can use for pelletizing by pan granulating machine. 2.1 Disc pan fertilizer granulator for sale; the smaller the granules. The disk adopts the design of power scraper and powerless scraper. The scrapers can clean the disk with high efficiency. This design also contributes to the good shape and size of granule