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Biofertilizer making machine of drum cooler machine

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Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooler bio pellet fertilizer

Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooler. Product details; The cooling machine is also known as rotary drum cooler. It is the main configure device of rotary kiln production system and the exhaust gas after heat exchange can be introduced into rotary kiln, improving the heat efficiency of overall system. Working principle; The cooling machine is also known as rotary drum cooler.

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Apr 17, 2021 · biofertilizer products, biofertilizer products SuppliersFertilizer Biofertilizer China Manufacturer Organic Fertilizer Sapropel Feed Additives Foliar Spray Bio

High Efficiency Rotary Drum Cooler/Fertilizer Rotary

· Rotary drum cooling machine is used to cool fertilizer with certain temperature and particle size in compound fertilizer production line and organic fertilizer production line. The cooler is used combining with the rotary dryer , which can greatly increase the cooling rate, reduce labor intensity, increase capacity, and further remove the moisture and reduce the temperature of fertilizer.

Fertilizer Rotary Drum Coating Machine bio pellet

Fertilizer Rotary Drum Coating Machine. Product details; The complete set of the rotary drum coating equipment is composed of screw conveyor, agitation tank, oil pump and main engine. It adopts the technology of powder coating or liquid coating film to prevent fertilizer caking effectively, and is a efficient special equipment for compound

Rotary Drum Cooler

It is paired with the rotary drum dryer for cooling the fertilizer particles in a certain temperature and particle size during the production process of compound fertilizer. This rotary drum cooler can greatly improve the cooling speed, reduce labor intensity, improve the yield, further to remove part of water and reduces the fertilizer particle temperature.

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Rotary Drum Granulation Production Line. Motor Power:1-20t/h. The new blended raw materials are fed into drum granulator at a uniform rate according to the balling rate. At the same time, the saturated steam is fed into the material layer as required, so that the granulation process can be granulated at a lower moisture content, which not only raises the temperature of the material, but also causes the

Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Linebiofertilizer

The biofertilizer project is bio organic fertilizer production line, the use of organic fertilizer granulator is the disc granulator. The disc granulation process has the advantages of short production process, simple structure, less investment and easy operation, and is more suitable for

Main Machines of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Machines. Function of machines. 1. Fermenting process. Fermentation turner. Mix and blend compost during fermentation evenly. 2. Grinding process. Hopper for forklift. Feed compost into grinder evenly. Grinder. Grind compost to powder. 3. Mixing process. Mixer. Mix compost powder evenly, If necessary, add water, beneficial bacteria, or other micro-elements. 4. Granulating process

Fertilizer Making Machine Leader Supplier In China

Fertilizer making facility belongs to agriculture machine. It is a kind of machinery for processing fertilizer for increasing the nutrients of farmland. Recently, various fertilizer equipment is emerging in the market for meeting the different needs of crops.

Organic fertilizer machine for sale Low

This is a kind of organic fertilizer making machine that is highly acclaimed. Generally speaking, rotary drum granulating machine is suitable for large scale organic fertilizer plant. For your reference, the yields of different models of rotary granulators range from 1 ton per hour to 30 tons per hour.

Cheap price Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Lin

The pinion which is installed on the driving shaft engages with the gear fixed on the machine body, working in the opposite direction to make the cylinder rotate. 2. The rotary drum is slightly slanted with an angle of 2-5°. By the belt conveyor, the hot fertilizer from the dryer is sent into the drum cooler through the feed hopper at the

Fertilizer Machine & Production Line Manufacturer

The biofertilizer project is bio organic fertilizer production line, the use of organic fertilizer granulator is the disc granulator. 1 Multiple Hoppers-Multiple Scale Batching System 2 Fertilizer Mixer-Vertical 3 Rotary Drum Granulator 4 Fertilizer Drying Machine 5 Drum Cooler 6 Rotary Screener 7 Coating Machine 8 Automatic Packing

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Biofertilizer making machine of drum cooler machine. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. US $1200-$7500 / Set . 1 Set (Min. Order)

Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Line

4.2 Manure Making Machine; 5 Which bio organic manures is suitable for the crop growth? 5.1 New organic manure fertilizer granulating line for your bio organic fertilizer granules manufacturing; 6 Aims of production of bio-organic fertilizers from the waste. 6.1 Rotary Cooler; 6.2 Fertilizer Dryer; 6.3 Cow Dung Drying Machine; 6.4 Fertilizer

Fertilizer Cooling Machine Suppliers, Manufacturer

Alibaba offers 160 Fertilizer Cooling Machine Suppliers, and Fertilizer Cooling Machine Manufacturers, Distributors, Factories, Companies. There are 98 OEM, 104 ODM, 30 Self Patent. Find high quality Fertilizer Cooling Machine Suppliers on Alibaba.

Waste to fertilizer machines Turn organic wastes into money

Fertilizer dryer and cooler: Fertilizer drying machine and cooler are a pair of horizontal drum-shape machines. They can reduce the water content of the granulated fertilizer pellets. In order to make high-quality fertilizer pellet, they are necessary machines.

Working principle of compost turning in biofertilizer project

Compost turner machine is a kind of fermentation treatment equipment developed for biofertilizer project according to the characteristics of organic fertilizer fermentation, including walking type windrow turner and trough type turner. In the process of turnover operation, the turnover machine not only discards the materials to make them contact with the air, but also has the function of

Fertilizer Production Line, biofertilizer equipment

We are engaged in agricultural environmental technology development, design various fertilizer production lines. We self-develop multi-functional compound fertilizer equipment, which has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, and reliable operation.

Most Detailed Description of Organic Fertilizer

The cooler machine slopes slightly so that the discharge end is lower than the material feed end in order to convey the fertilizer through the cooler under gravity. Organic fertilizers to be dried enter the cooler, and as the rotary cooler rotates, fertilizer is lifted up by a series of internal fins lining the inner wall of the cooler.

Organic Fertilizer Making Machine Easy Farming

1. Commercial Organic Compost Turner Machine. 2. Powdery Commercial Compost Bagging Equipment. 3. Compost Fertilizer Grinding Machine. SX Biofertilizer producing machine: fast composting fermentation tank. In sx, we designed large fermentation tank for fast composting biofertilizer production line. Its capacity is 5-120m³.

Bio Fertilizer Plant Project How to Produce Fertilizer

Rotary drum dryer and cooler: These two machines are applicable for drying and cooling your pelleted bio compost. And then the fertilizer granules will be better for transporting and storing. Single bucket packing scale: It uses for accurately packing up finished fertilizer pellets to

Rotary Drum Drying Machine bio pellet fertilizer

Rotary Drum Drying Machine. Product details; The rotary drum drying machine is suitable for drying of organic fertilizer, slag, clay, limestone, ardealite, grain slag from steel mill , coal slurry from power plant and sludge from sewage treatment plant. It possessed of large drying capacity, smooth operation, low energy consumption, easy operation.

Granulator Machine for Fertilizer Wet & Dry # 5 Types

Granulator machine is used for fertilizer granulation which is a necessary equipment for every fertilizer manufacturer. You can use it to produce the organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and so on.If you plan to buy a fertilizer granulator now, we

Fertilizer granulator machine High

While, making different types of fertilizers, the machines you should use for preparing are different, too. For example, if you want to make organic fertilizer, there are some machines you should equip with. Compost fertilizer manufacturing machines for making organic fertilizer. Making organic fertilizer, composting is a key process.