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high moisture cow dung organic fertilizer dewatering machine

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Cow Dung Dewatering Machine

A cow dung dewatering machine is a separator for separating liquid from solid materials. It is often used for dewatering high-moisture organic animal waste before fermentation. Shunxin manufactures cow dung screw press dewatering system with advanced design and high-quality materials. Besides using it for making organic fertilizer. It is also applicable for you to use it in other fields.

Manure Separator · Composting Cattle Manure

Cow Dung Dewatering Machine

Cow dung dewatering machine is mainly used for removing extra water from fresh manure. Generally speaking, the water content of fresh manure usually is 80% to 90%, which increases the difficulty of management. With the help of manure dewatering plant, you can reduce the water content of fresh manure to 25%-40%.

Cow Dung Fertilizer Machine Fertilizer Plant Machine

Cow dung dewatering machine Because of the high moisture content of cow dung, it is necessary for you to use a solid-liquid separator for separating liquid from solid cow dung. Tonga manufactures two types of separator for you to dewater. It is alternative for you to choose screw press one, or the screening type dewatering machine.

Cow Dung Dewatering Machine Turn Cow Manure into Organic

The cow manure dewatering machine produced by our company is made of GB 304 stainless steel and alloy steel. The structural components such as screen mesh are made of nickel alloy steel and high strength carbon steel to ensure the corrosion resistance and strength of the machine. The dewatering machine is very convenient to clean and maintain.

Cow dung fertilizer machine cow dung processing machine

Most fresh cow dung is high moisture and it’s necessary for you to drying it before the composting. Especially, if you use a cow dung drying machine, you can get both liquid and solid cow dung manure. This machine can separate the solid and liquid. It uses

Cow dung fertilizer machine powdery&granular fertilizer

There are two types manure dewatering machines, cow dung dewatering screw press machine and inclined-screen solid-liquid separator. Both of them can make cow dung with lower moisture. When you deal with cow dung with them, the water content of cow dung can achieve 30% to 45%, which is convenient for both transportation and composting.

Cow Dung Drying Machine

Generally, for processing the organic cow dung fertilizer granules, the cattle manure fertilizer granulators adopts the wet granulation technology for pelletizing. Thus, the granular fertilizers are wet. And then it is applicable for you to use our dryer machine for lowering the moisture content of granulated fertilizers.

Cow Dung Drying Machine

For your cow dung drying, there are cow dung dewatering machines and cow dung fertilizer dryer for you to choose. These two types of drying equipment are different in not only the processes, but also the price. Generally, for your small scale fresh organic cow dung dewatering

Cow Manure Dewatering Machine Organic Compost Making

For getting high-efficiency cow manure fertilizer, you need a manure equipment to dispose the moisture in the cow dung. As a cow dung manure supplier, you had better have a cow manure fertilizer dewatering machine, Cow dung wastewater

Manure Dewatering Machine for Sale Solid Liquid

And can used as fish feed, planting, and raw materials for different kinds of fertilizer production. Cow Dung Dewatering Machine for Sale. Practicability: This series of dewatering separator machine can separate the solid from the liquid quickly. After dewatering by this machine, the water moisture

Cow Dung Processing Machine

Get A Free Quote. Composted cow dung fertilizer granules production line. You need a cow dung fertilizer pelletizer, which is to granulate fine powdery cow manure into granular fertilizer.After granulating, the granules will have high moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to dry and cool these cow dung pellet fertilizer.

Cow Dung Powder Making Machine Small Scale Turner

For making high quality cow dung fertilizer powder, a screener machine will be helpful for selecting the unqualified cow dung materials. Meanwhile, it is applicable for you to send unqualified powders into crushers again. Well processed organic cow dung fertilizer powder packing. The final step in fertilizer powder making process is packing.


High-moisture cow dung organic fertilizer granules making machines. Because of the high moisture content of organic cow dung material, it is helpful for you to use a cow dung dewatering machine. Our solid liquid separation equipment can dehydrate the manure well. For your large scale cow farm, you can use a windrow compost turning machine for

Cow Dung Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process & Machines

· If the moisture of fresh cow dung is up to 60% 80%, it is necessary to make dewatering, which might need Whirlston provides solid-liquid dewatering machine specially designed for manure separation as well as for dewatering, assisting in lowering the water content in fresh cow manure.

Manure Management Plan Organic Fertilizer Making Process

In ShunXin, we have dedicated cow dung dewatering machines. They can reduce cow manure moisture content to about 30%, the separated liquid can also be made into fertilizers. Moreover, our solid-liquid separator machine is also suitable for dewatering all kinds of organic fertilizer materials.

Organic Manure Production Plant

Main machines recommendations for organic manure manufacturer. Dewatering machine. There are screw press manure dewatering machine for you to lower the moisture content of manure materials. It can process your material, whose moisture content is above 50%.

Cow Dung: How to Make it A Composted fertilizer

However, water condition varies considerably. Water content of cow dung in large-scale farms is up to 60-80%.It needs to drop to 50-60% before compost. Mixing reused materials is recommended to use while reducing moisture, namely, add fermented cow manure with low moisture (30% water content) to cow dung with high moisture.

Efficient Chicken Cow Dung Dewatering Screw Press Machine

Efficient chicken manure dewatering machine,Fecal dehydrator. The solid liquid separator machine can separate the animal dung such as pig dung, duck dung, manure dung and chicken dung into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer.


Technically, the manure dewatering machine is a kind of environmental protection equipment. If you want to produce organic fertilizers with materials of high moisture content, it is a must for you to get a solid-liquid separator for your fertilizer plant.


With a compost turner tool, you can get high quality organic cow dung fertilizers in about 25 days. Composted cow dung fertilizer powder pulverizing. In your commercial cow dung fertilizer powder processing business, pulverizing is an essential process. Generally, the composted organic cow dung will be powdery. While, there are still some blocks.

Chicken manure drying machine livestock manure dewatering

Brief introduction:The solid-liquid separator machine is a kind of dewatering machine for livestock manure, medicine dregs, lees.It can separate pig manure, duck manure, cow dung, chicken manure and other livestock manure into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer.