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High efficient rotary drum compound fertilizer drying machine

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8 rows· Working Principle of High Output Fertilizer Drying Machine This fertilizer rotary drum

Model Shell Inner Diam Shell Length (mm) Shell Rotation SMotor Rotation Spee ALCZG 12120 1200 12000 4.7 1460 ALCZG 15120 1500 12000 5.0 1440 ALCZG 15150 1500 15000 5.0 1440 See all 8 rows on fertilizer-machine.net

Rotary Drum Drying Machine

Rotary drum drying machine is widely used in organic fertilizer making plants. Its main function is drying different kinds of fertilizer raw materials or final pellets into appropriate moisture content. The rotating drum dryer equipment is a kind of necessary equipment

Rotary Drum Dryer: Best Selection of Fertilizer Drying Machine

· As the rotary drum dryer is a heat conduction machine and the heat transfer direction is basically consistent throughout the heat transfer cycle, therefore, most of the heat supplied in the rotary drum is used for the moisture vaporization of materials and the thermal efficiency is up to 80% ~ 90%. High drying rate The heat and mass transfer of the wet film on the cylinder wall is from the inside to

Rotary Dryer for Drying Organic & Inorganic Fertilizer

· After drying, the humidity of fertilizer granules will decrease from 20%-30% to 2%-5% and for bio-organic fertilizer, the moisture content will decrease to 10%. With ideal drying effect and high efficiency, rotary drying machine is the best choice for mass compound fertilizer production.

Rotary Dryer, Efficient Organic Fertilizer Drying Machine

In virtue of simple operation, low energy consumption, long lifespan, even drying and easy maintenance, our rotary dryer has been widely applied into agriculture, feed and fertilizer industry, such as straw, pasture, organic mixed fertilizer, fish meal, starch residue, organic fertilizer, waste of aquatic products, especially used to dry fertilizer with certain temperature and particle size in organic fertilizer production.

Rotary Dryer, Efficient Organic Fertilizer Drying Machine

Working Principle of Rotary Drum Organic Fertilizer Drying Machine: Rotary drum dryer runs on the principle that belt and belt pulley, driven by main motor, transmit to driving shaft through reduction gears, and then split gears installed on driving shaft can engage with big gear ring fixed on engine body, working in the opposite direction.

Fertilizer Dryer Working Principle Tech Rotary Drum

It can dry pelleted organic or compound fertilizer well. Drying machine utilizes aeration-drying technology for drying materials. Our rotary drum dryer takes advantages of hot blast furnace for supplying air. The hot air will dry the materials inside the cylinder. Meanwhile, the rotating cylinder will make the drying effects better.

Rotary Drum Granulator Organic & Compound Fertilizer

For making organic fertilizer granules, the whole plant consists of manure dewatering machine, large size composting machine, rotary pelletizer, fertilizer drying equipment and granules packing machine. As for rotary drum granulator compound fertilizer factory, you don’t need to buy the composting machine. But the crushing equipment may be

Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooler

Rotary drum cooler is a new generation of high efficiency cooling machine developed by our staff for many years of compound fertilizer production experience. It is paired with the rotary drum dryer for cooling the fertilizer particles in a certain temperature and particle size during the production process of compound fertilizer.

Rotary Drum Compound Fertilizer Granulator for Large

The high-efficiency fertilizer granulating machine is considered as the most important equipment in large-scale compound fertilizer production. By adding a certain number of steams and vapors, raw materials in the rotary drum will become uniformly humid during the granulation process. Then a series of chemical reactions will occur.

Fertilizer drying machine &Rotary drum dryer & Organic

As name suggests, fertilizer drying machine is to dry pellet or powder fertilizer. Simply speaking, it is used for removing moisture from fertilizer. Shunxin developed rotary drum fertilizer dryer for fertilizer plants. Except for drying organic fertilizer, you can use our rotary fertilizer drying machine to dry steel plant slag, power plant

high efficiency rotary drum cooler,low price drum cooling

high efficiency rotary drum cooler,low price drum cooling machine. rotary drum cooler is used for fertilizer production line used together with the drum drying machine, cooling a certain temperature of fertilizer granules, the drum cooling machine can greatly improve the cooling rate, reducing labor intensity and improve production and further removal of the water and reduce fertilizer tablets

Organic&Compound Fertilizer Equipment

Our rotary drum drying machine is used for drying compound fertilizer granular, organic fertilizer granular, animal manure, etc. High efficiency, evenly drying effect, stable operation, long service time.

High Capacity Rotary Drum Granulator Machinery

NPK production line mainly includes batching, drum granulation, drying and cooling, coating and packing. Our supply organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, roller granulator, disc granulator, they has high balling strength, good appearance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low energy consumption, long service life, easy operation

Rotary Drum Churning Granulator

Product introduction. The organic fertilizer rotary drum churning granulator is a material can be made into a specific shape of the molding machinery.Drum granulator is one of the key equipments in the compound fertilizer industry, which is suitable for the mass production of cold and hot granulator and high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizer.The main working mode is granulation

Fertilizer Granulation Equipment Granulator Pellet mill

5.1 Fertilizer pellets drying machine for sale; 6 Are there any useful designs for fertilizer granulation equipment to produce high quality fertilizer pellets? 6.1 Compound fertilizer rotary drum pellet mill for sale; 7 The working principle of granulation; 8 The complete granulation system is provided for making fertilizer granules

rotary drum fertilizer granulation machine, rotary drum

2018 high efficiency rotary drum fertilizer granulate machine on sale rotary drum fertilizer granulate machine is the latest technology products ,this product that compound fertilizer processing equipment design and experience for many years to develop.

Organic fertilizer dryer, fertilizer dryer

Introduction Drum drying machine, which consists of rotary body, lifting plate, driving device, supporting device and sealing ring, is an ideal drying equipment for fertilizer industry, both compound fertilizer production and organic fertilizer production. It is used to reduce the moisture content of fertilizers. After drying, the moisture content of compound fertilizer will be reduced from 20

Maintenance and cleaning of drum organic fertilizer granulator

The organic fertilizer drum granulator has a wide range of applications, especially for the granulation of light and fine powder materials. The finer the basic E-mail: [email protected] Tel:+86-371-6894-4555