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Large Capacity Roller Compaction for Briquetting With Best Quality

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Alpine Kompaktor ARC MS Compaction / Granulation

Alpine Kompaktor ARC MS. Compaction / Granulation / Agglomeration Chemical Mineral. The Alpine Kompaktor ARC MS compress powder to granulate or briquettes. This process is described as compaction or briquetting. The rollers of this Kompaktor


Roller Compactors PCI - Oe - Schweikert - 06/14 - Printed in Germany The ALPINE Technologies Machines and complete plants for Compaction Briquetting Granulation Size reduction Pelletizing Extrusion Spheronization Hosokawa Alpine Compaction is a member of the Hosokawa Micron Group, responding to global needs through emphasis on materials science and

Roll Compactor

With our best market prices, SaintyCo Roll Compactors are available for both R&D and large scale dry granulation. SaintyCo Roll Compactor machine features a robust design and a stainless steel structure; with a fully automated system.

Roller Compaction Equipment for Dry Granulation

Highly Contained Roller Compaction with the CCS series. Decades of delivering world-class dry-granulation. The CCS series offers a truly scalable growth path from models ideal for R&D development, right up to the high capacity large production scale models. High quality results are thanks to our unique dual-screw feed system design which ensures the ideal conditions are created right from the

Roller Compactor: Your Ultimate Guide

Roller compactor sieve system · Less compaction time. If your roller compactor experience low compaction time, you need to check on the speed of your rollers. By regulating the speed, compaction of the powder can take place efficiently. Remember, if your materials are not compacted enough, you may end up having an inconsistent ribbon.

(PDF) Overview on roll compaction/dry granulation process

Type, particle size and density had an influence on the usable roller compactor parameter settings. The best quality was obtained if at a high pressure a low horizontal screw speed was chosen for

Roller compaction Pharma Excipients

Gerteis-Macro-Pactor-flagship-pharma-roller-compactor. Roller compaction is the main technique employed in dry granulation. Ribbon sticking and splitting are among the major factors that can hinder the use of this process for some formulations. Ribbon splitting can occur either transversally (through the ribbon thickness) or longitudinally (through the ribbon width).

A Review: Roller Compaction for Tablet Dosage Form

Roller compaction is a unit operation in dry granulation process in which the powders containing active ingredients and excipients are agglomerated between the rollers of compactor to form granules with good flow properties and stability. During roller compaction the dry powders of the active ingredients and excipients are blended in a blender and further roller compacted and milled to form granules.

Different Types of Soil Compaction Equipment: Types of Rollers

The density of soil achieved after compaction with this roller is more uniform. These rollers operate at high speeds, and are capable to breaking large lumps. These rollers also consists of leveling blades to spread the material. Pad foot or tamping rollers are best

Soil Compaction Handbook

Types of compaction There are four types of compaction effort on soil or asphalt: Vibration Impact Kneading Pressure Soil Compaction Soil compaction is defined as the method of mechanically increasing the density of soil. In construction, this is a significant part of the building process. If

Roller Briquetting Press

The roller briquetting press is a kind of briquetting machine that is widely used in the industry area today. Those powdery materials and waste, which need to be used in the furnace; those fuel materials, which need to be formed together to get a better heating effect, and other materials, which need to be used as a shape like ball or pillow with certain size, etc. all need the roller

Roll Compactor

Roll Compactor: Machine Ultimate FAQs Guide. If you’re looking for a dry granulation equipment, then I can definitely recommend roll compactor machine But, it won’t end at that I will show you how to choose the right roll compactor for dry granulation.

Aluminium Oxide/inorganic Powder High Mechanical Pressure

Dry roller compaction granulator operating principle: The dry granulator adopts two rollers compaction. Between 2 rollers, there is a gap. One roller is fixed and the other is floating. With the support of hydraulic pistons, the floating roller is pushed close to the other and the hydraulic system can has the action of compensation and protection.

Briquette machine manufacturer

Maxton supplies all kinds of briquette machine and press for varies of materials from biomass to metal. Our strong technology and experience help you to find the best way to make your briquette line with lower investment and long time smooth running.


With an experience of more than 160 years, SAHUT-CONREUR is recognized as an international leading designer and manufacturer of briquetting plants, compaction–granulation plants and grinding equipment using double roll presses technology

(PDF) Overview on roll compaction/dry granulation process

Type, particle size and density had an influence on the usable roller compactor parameter settings. The best quality was obtained if at a high pressure a low horizontal screw speed was chosen for

Optimization and control of roller press operating parameters

Drzymala (1993) reported that large-scale roll press briquetting (up to 60 t h -1 ) of ores, metal chips, and coals required specific energy of 20 to 60 MJ t -1 . to produce good-quality

Charcoal Briquettes with 5 Types of Briquetting Machines

The high-pressure briquetting press uses two opposing moving rolls to press the dry powder into different shapes which can be square, egg, oval, pincushion shape and the like. The size of the briquette is 20-75 mm. Production capacity: 1-8.5 t/h Finished product shape: Round, pillow, oval, etc.


· Tandem rollers (having one wheel at rear and one wheel in front) Three wheeled rollers (having two wheel at rear and one in front) The weight of tandem roller varies from 2 to 8 tonnes and that of two wheeled roller varies from 8 to 10 tonnes. Three wheeled roller; It ground coverage provided by smooth wheeled roller is 100%.

(PDF) Roll Compaction/Dry Granulation (Rcdg): Technologies

Limiting the compaction pressure only to a degre 2. seals (Bypass)) rticles i. e. air entrapment. erefore high fines lator speed, compaction force. s but this may affect content eder system which have d of flat rolls to obtain less dust production.ates to reduce leakage of untion before t [24] roller, granulator speed and compaction Large fine

Roller Compaction & Granulation Technology Brochures

Briquetting. Briquetting is another “densification” process, only this turns the material into separated “briquettes,” rather than one large “flake.” This process is also completed using a series of counter-rotating rollers, only these rollers have grooves in them,

Roll Compactor

Roll Compactor Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide. In this guide, you will find all information about roll compactor machines. Whether you want to learn about the components, working principle, advantages, machine specification or quality specifications, you’ll find everything here.

Briquetting of Charcoal from Sesame Stalk

The degree of compaction attained by a roller press is comparatively low compared to a piston or screw extruder and so it is suited more to briquetting of wet powders containing a binder to aid binding. Thus, production capacity of a roller press machine can reach 1.5 tonnes per hour which is very high.


MAXTON’S services include Consulting Backed by years of experience also the repairing service for shafts. Maxton offers its customers the support of qualified engineers, who are able to assist in: Analyzing process-related problems Providing solutions to optimize your operations and increase production. And Project studies Basic engineering Project Studies For reliable information on the